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Get the facts straight

First off the " report " this story is based on is a piece of garbage. The author was/is a student a UT and compiled this report with no real data or research beyond her own reading (or potentially just watching some really bad Hollywood movies) The report itself was not peer reviewed or even submitted for peer review. Why you ask? Well simply put it would have been laughed at by anyone with any knowledge of what a nuclear power plant or their security is at these plants. The report was definitly not "commissioned " by the DOD either... It was released by the author while working under a broad DOD supported "think tank" program and certainly not reviewed by the DOD or really any competent person.

As someone who has been in a majority of the nuclear plants in the US as we'll as over 20 nuclear plants in various countries in Europe, South America, and Asia I can tell you personally that the US nuclear plants have the bet security in the world. The installations around the nuclear plants are better built than most prisons and the small army of security forces at the plants are much better armed than at any prison either. This combined with the structural security measures and design measures of these plants make them a very hard target with minimal collateral damage due to thier designs.


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