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Rex Gore

Congratulations are in order for Mr. Rex Gore. Despite the politically charged environment that led to charges being filed, the truth was able to be brought forefront, and the charges rightfully dismissed. Mr. Gore accepted the charge that the manner of the reimbursement for Ms. Kelly's mileage, if not correctly submitted, were a fraud being perpetrated in his office, by one of his assistants. Mr. Gore smartly accepted that he should have kept more control over the finances in his office. Mr. Gore, like anyone else at the top of their political office, accepted that he was responsible for things that happened on his watch. Personally, I might have had my day in court to prove my innocence. I believe there was no guilt on his part. I would have no problem voting for Mr. Gore in the next election. I feel his twenty years in office were the best period any jurisdiction could hope for. Prior to Rex Gore, the law enforcement in our county was rift with drugs, crime and violence. He took Brunswick County, as well as the other counties that he had responsibility for, to heights of respect that were previously absent. Perhaps he should have had more over site over the travel mileage reimbursement. There was no criminal intent on his part. People who have responsibility over others know, there is no possible way to stand watch over everything that goes on in your office. That is why you attempt to get the best people available. Handling paper work, including travel reimbursement, can be only verified by having the car mileage photographed before and after. That would be ridiculous. That is a responsibility that occurs almost daily, if not more. Let us not forget that we are talking about people who have the authority to seek the issuance of warrants, and any other legal issues that arise. We do, and rightfully so, expect our criminal justice system to be above reproach. We do not expect our law enforcement to commit any violations of the law, or our lawyers to lie. But unfortunately there are times when it occurs. Something as simple as approving mileage, or overtime, are a daily occurrence. If these things necessitated an actual verification prior to approving, things would come to a complete stop, and nothing would get done. I do not know the actual charge that was offered by the AG's office, or the plea that was accepted. However, like a tiger that can't change his stripes, it would take that ability to completely reverse Mr. Gore's prosecutorial record and beliefs, for Mr. Gore to intentionally commit a criminal act. While I am sure there are those that are his detractors, I would say that I would never expect the office of the District Attorney in Brunswick County, or the other counties represented, to ever be accused of criminal activity. Mr. Gore may be accused of approving mileage reimbursement that were not appropriately submitted, or were inaccurately approved, or even that the party who submitted the mileage reimbursement was committing fraud. However you will not be able to say that Rex Gore took part in any criminal act, or approved of any criminal activity. Like any position of authority, you are responsible for the acts committed under your watch. Let's all wait for the Attorney General's Office to announce their findings.

The Rex Gore that I have watched over a long period of time would never condone or participate in a criminal activities. He had nothing to gain by approving the mileage forms. He has stated his reasoning behind approving the mileage forms. Mr. Gore has been the DA for a long time. He had no known political aspirations. I do believe Mr. Gore's explanation. Like a tiger who can't change his stripes, Mr. Gore's is set in his ways, and would never change the honest way he has led those under his pervue. Mr Gore's record speaks to his honesty, and could not change his behavior, or the practices of his office. He would be last person I would suspect, and the first person I think of as a example of how to be a DA. He would never participate in any criminal activity. He has a respect for the law that very few have. I believe the man is above suspicion of wrong doing. Previous behavior is the only indicator of future actions. If Mr. Gore had any criminal intentions, it would not have taken twenty years to be exposed. If money was the reason for his involvement, he could have entered into the attorney pool who practice in Brunswick County, and increased his personal wealth many times over. He is a very religious man who would never intentionally bring dishonor to his position. I do have a grand idea of how this miscarriage of justice occurred. But nothing to back it up, so I am willing to believe that it just happened. I guess I will go along with what the talented Forest Gump stated "Stuff happens"!"

When he begins actively practicing, he will find there are many, many, people who will request his services. Lastly, as a citizen of Brunswick County, I want to say thank you very much for your twenty years of service, and making our counties safer places to live.


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