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Twisted psycho Cobb is behind all of this.

Jon David spent his entire first week in office digging to find any little thing he could whine and promote and mislead the public. Amazed. This Only is all he could find in a 20 year prosecutor employees files. Really? 20 years of showing up to work in one of the lowest abusive jobs on earth for this?????????????????????????????????????????????? Like did he have a choice to really go to trial and risk losing 20 years of accumulated retirement if a jury of regular people believed a crime was committed and found him guilty as charged, of a felony ? Is it justice to accuse a man of a crime he has no possible way to defend? Justice is dirtier and more rotten than it's ever been in Brunswick and just look at the faces of the people in the courthouse video today, sad disbelief, that far off gaze like something AINT right here with this. WWAY how does everyone else get paid mileage? Tell us how many thousands Gore turned back over to the courts that were not given in salaries?Did the state courts have any input on this on whether a DA can use his budgeted money to pay mileage? NO. Just that stinky SBI guy who is in cahoots with Cobb. And we actually wonder how the Wilmington 10 got put away for 10 years ? And why the citizens have to pay extra taxes for the costs and restitution for all of these dirty past deeds?


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