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The right to vote

Dear Ma'am,

Who is excluding people from the right to vote?? If the state was giving out $100.00 bills, and all you had to do to collect was show a valid ID. You can bet that the same ones that don't want to show a form of identification to cast a ballot. Would line the streets with VALID ID in hand to claim that $100.00 dollar bill. So the ignorance, that Democrat's have about showing a valid ID, is just that IGNORANT! The Democratic party doesn't want ID's so they can have people cast more that one vote, since there is no way in verifying who has voted. I cant believe anyone would not want to make sure that John Doe voted as John Doe. To think anyway other than that is ludicrous! When you opened up your Bank acct, you showed an ID. When you opened up your PO Box you showed an ID. So what is so different, you want to vote present a State issued ID. You talk about people dying for so that others may have democracy. Have you ever served the U.S in any branch of the Military????? Well I served in the U.S Army for 23yrs, I have 7 Combat tours under my belt. So I know I earned the right, how about you!!!!!!!!!!

1SG America


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