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Please tell me ( because all of you know everything there is ) how 75 people with disabilities just in shallotte will be able to vote... I have a full time job and its hard to make time to vote let alone get my mother from the home and help her vote ( with one day voting I doubt I will ever be able to vote again, bc NC does not have a law to require your right to take off work to vote), what about the other 74 people who most do not have family? They do not drive for many reasons, several cant walk or stand. So to say they can just find a way to the dmv and get an ID ( last month after medications my mother was left with $13.00 ) I pay for everything ...and we only need one day of voting. This has nothing to do with being Dem or Rep. If your willing to take away rights that do hurt people and prevent them from voting atleast have the polls go to them or pick them up. I dont care who you are, you have the right to vote!


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