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Yes we are evil DEM's. I'm an evil Dem that works 40+ hours a week, pays taxes, donates 10+ hours a week to a personal outreach program along with other events in my local area ( last night 6 hours on just one event). We are horrible, uneducated people. OMG to top it off I grew up on foodstamps, got free school lunch, and lived in a goverment funded home with a parent with a severe disability....just horrible the state took care of us so that I could grow up and take care of others in need. JUST HORRIBLE!!!!!! ITS an outrage!!!!
Sorry us Dem's think about everyone before we deside to remove a persons right away just to make others happy. So while i pick up dontations tonight and stay up to midnight boxing them up I will pray to GOD that he forgives me for being a DEM.
But guess what this evil DEM has the right to vote!!!!!!


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