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It's easy

I am in the same position. My wife has been severely disabled for the past 20+ years. In addition to her care-giver, I am working a full-time job, doing all of the house-cleaning, cooking, yard work, driving her to the many doctor appointments she requires at least twice a week just about every week of the year, etc, etc.
How has this hectic schedule impacted her voting? -- We drive up to the polling station where there are assistants outside that allow the disabled to vote from the car. It takes all of five minutes. That will not change now because of the new law. The only difference is she will now have to show an ID. Big wife has had to show her ID for quite some time already when she picks up some meds from the pharmacy which is no different from driving up to the polling station and showing her ID there now.
My mother-in-law is in an assisted living facility and it is the same with her. The facility takes those that wish to vote out on a field-trip to the polling station. That won't change now. The only difference is that the residents will have to show an ID...the very same ID that is already required for residents to possess while staying at the assisted living facility.
Don't you want your Mom's vote to count? If so, please stop making lame excuses for a voting law that could prevent voter fraud from cancelling your Mom's vote.
Wishing your Mom (and her vote) the best...


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