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Too many

People here are making the argument that you need an ID for blah blah blah so it should be needed to vote. Then there are others who say you MUST be illegal or something else if you con't have one and get off your butt get a job and be self sufficient.
C'mon - those are peripheral arguments.
Social Security recipients get direct deposit on their check - no need for ID.
Voters produce identification upon registering to vote. Drivers present other ID to get their? picture license!! The country had centuries of voting without picture ID.
Look lets face it - the REAL problem with voter fraud is NOT with the voter going into the booth - it's with absentee ballots which you can cast without a picture ID !!!!
The "pro" ID crowd has gone a little ditsy with their arguments here.
I would humbly suggest that anyone getting entitlements be forced to vote in order to continue to receive those entitlements. If you wish we could take their picture upon their fist vote cast! Think about all those welfare queens voting every election - who do you think they'd vote for?
Or is this just a veiled attempt to stop welfare queens from voting for politicians willing to give them more?
I have an ID and get get to the polls.
But the arguments here have gotten way out of control.
With todays technology picture IDs are becoming somewhat archaic and are used as a "once only" ID in many instances such as banking. I do NOT have to produce an ID to cash a check at my bank - SORRY. I do not have to produce an ID to write a check at Harris teeter - SORRY.
Stop with the silly arguments.



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