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Thanks ! I truly believe that those of us that still love our country and the constitution have to stand up to the tyranny of not only the lefts rampant implementation of their self serving ideology but the portrayal by the mass media as knuckle dragging miscreants. Folks Just like us started ad built the greatest nation the world has ever known and we have willingly handed it over to people that are either too ignorant or too self serving that they will get what they want no matter what they have to do. whether it is to constantly denigrate a politician and try and hurt them in their private financial matters,or try and make gun owners and hunters ashamed of practicing their God given Rights. Let me clarify for those who can't read the constitution Rights are GOD given not from the government it is the governments duty to protect those rights. If it is not in the constitution as a right it is an amenity that some politician has bestowed upon us whether we want it or not as in health care is not a right. I am so tired of being marginalized by the so called elite and I am sure there are a whole bunch of folks just like me and feel that this nation is being stolen from us by those who do not love it.
Thanks, Again
Beach Guy


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