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As my sarcasm was supposed

As my sarcasm was supposed to lead you to believe: I don't think the police put much in to believing people would turn their guns in either. Thank you for verifying that someone else out there understands the need for people to come forward and say: ENOUGH.
I'd walk out my front door in a heartbeat to protect my neighborhood. When, many years ago, my young teen aged son thought he'd try to be in a "gang" it was ME fighting against it. It was ME making SURE I knew where my kid was and exactly what he was doing. It was ME shouting at the top of my lungs in the middle of a neighborhood where the little" gang leader" lived. It was ME. Not the police, clergy or some neighborhood watch group....ME.
But, fear and racist judgement will keep the people, like those that post here so quickly, hiding behind their computer screens instead of trying to stop the violence.
It REALLY starts with us. ALL OF US.


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