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There is no Dublin County, there is a Dublin town in NC. This is a prime example of why we need our teachers to be highly qualified and receive a fair salary which is not the case. I am a first year teacher I make 33,800 a year. I do not participate in the benefits program for two reasons 1. I receive benefits through the military and 2. I cannot afford the pay in to participate in the benefit program, even if my medical is "free" I still have to pay a 35.00 copay each time I see a doc. That adds up if there are medical issues because that is 35.00 out of pocket for each visit. The state "free" benefit package is for only the educator not their family and is a 70/30 benefit. If I did participate and say it is around $14,000 in benefits then my "salary would be 47,800 which is still low for what educators are responsible for and what goes into educating children. The state is also going to be cutting paying teachers for advance degrees. So after 2014 or so teachers who did not have their Master's degrees prior will not be paid for career education advancement. They are even considering cutting paying teachers who get their National Board Certification in the future. New polls put salaries for teachers at 50th in a country of 50 states, Hawaii is right there with us. It is only a matter of time before the quality of education matches where our salaries fall across the country. North Carolina does not permit labor unions. Not that labor unions are the end all to fighting for teacher rights because they aren't. We need to vote these people out of office and put progressive leaders in place who value education and know how to allocate monies accordingly. Gov. Hunt was an outstanding governor who knew education was important and knew not only education was important but also how to provide local resources to counties and school systems to empower our youth, especially our "at-risk" youth.


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