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Okay...for the Millionth Time...

It saves money by allowing the county to lease or buy fewer buses. The routes are run once to pick up the Earlier Start (in this case Middle and High Schools), and then the SAME BUSES AND SAME DRIVERS run the same route to pick up the Later Start (Elementary Students). The Staggered schedule survey was sent home with ALL Brunswick County Students. The majority wanted the Elementary Students to start later (which is the opposite of the way it was tried two years ago). Had the staggered schedule been left in place after it was implemented two years ago instead of tried once and then dropped, we'd be on our third year of this, the bugs would all be worked out and a specific dollar figure could be placed on the savings. It has saved teachers jobs (however, it has eliminated some part time bus drivers).Can't have it both ways folks. You can't elect legislators who continually cut the Education Budget and keep the same amount of teachers without sacrificing somewhere. The problem with the school system in the last few years is constant tinkering. Establish a plan and STICK TO IT long enough for it to succeed or fail instead of continuously changing courses in mid-stream.


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