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You made my point...

Again, the staggered schedule was not voted down by parents, It was not renewed by a single vote of the Board of Education, who immediately voted the opposite way the next time it was raised when they saw the savings. You also made my point. Pick a plan and stick to it! Don't change it every time someone with too much time on their hands and a stick up their rear complains. And the majority of the over $500,000 savings (I'll type it a little slower so you can understand it o v e r $500,000) comes from not having to purchase/lease/maintain as many buses. Again, not every route can be doubled, but most can. The two years the schedules have been staggered, my child rode the same bus (one for elementary, and then two years later middle school). If you really want to eliminate the need for staggered schedules, stop electing these moronic state legislators who treat the state's education budget like their own personal whipping boy. Until then grow up, shut up and learn to deal with it like the rest of us.


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