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Thug culture and the community that embraces it.

Although not everyone who lives there is a thug, there are now certain neighborhoods in Wilmington (and elsewhere) where thug culture rules. These are the neighborhoods that consistently tolerate high levels of crime and violence. That could never happen if the majority of the residents of those neighborhoods didn’t tacitly allow it to happen. Why do I say that? Because in other neighborhoods where residents don’t tolerate that sort of behavior, crime is down, but in “Thugland” it’s up.

As “Pink” said (down the page a bit) “There is a disturbing breakdown of moral restraint among certain elements of our community.” That doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There are always contributing factors. Regardless of how many factors there are, it all boils down to a few specific things; this community refuses to take responsibility for itself, and in particular, the parents in those communities refuse to assume the responsibility of effectively raising their own offspring.

Sooner or later, if this continues to happen, “Thugland” will find itself isolated from the rest of us. Our tolerance for this sort of nonsense will not continue ad infinitum. Goods and services will no longer be available there. “Thugland” will find itself totally isolated and will eventually wind up feeding on itself even more than it does now.

All of this is preventable. It’s as simple as taking responsibility for what’s consistently going on in the community instead of constantly wailing about being victims and coming up with a gazillion reasons why it's someone else's fault. Other neighborhoods do that. So can “Thugland”.

Hey “Thugland”: It’s time to make a choice. Fish or cut bait. Either suck it up and find some moral fortitude or flush yourselves down your own toilets. The choice is up to you.


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