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Thug culture?

Sadly enough, the commentary to the story really misses the issues facing neighborhoods where the social and economic problems are re-occurring themes. The comment about Obama's sons is another silly racial comment to infuriate folks which is absolutely irresponsible to say the least. As a younger person several years ago, I had to live in a community where crime was rampant as I had become divorced with several financial burdens and could not afford the rent elsewhere. The people in the community were scared by the random violence and the police were leery of the surroundings. Most of the folks who lived around me were really good people trying to do whatever they could to get away the area, but the reality is you live where you can afford to live. Delivery places wouldn't come into the neighborhood after dark and for the most part everyone knew why the issue existed. They didn't want to be robbed.

The inference of racially based commentary doesn't solve the issue. Approaching the problem with an air of condescension implies ignorance and a lack of any real knowledge about what the community surrounding these incidents really experiences. I've worked in and around the area in question. The assumption that the people who live there support thug culture is just plain ridiculous. Most of these folks are in a constant state of fear. The reluctance to speak with the police is driven by the threat of retribution from the "thugs".

It's very sad that a country which often describes itself as a base of "Christianity" maintains a population which hates itself and propagates hatred towards itself. That's what's really killing America. The descent has been happening for a very long time, but it has taken an economic disaster to re-appoint the blame. As usual the weakest people are always to blame from the weakest minds which feel themselves threatened. It's abject spiritual sickness driven by ignorance. Get off of the color bandwagon and join the human race because you're either part of the problem or part of the solution.


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