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I'm not part of the problem

I’m not part of the problem and I’m not going to feel guilty about that just because it’s politically correct to do so. That’s just a load of fallacious crap. I have no doubt that you mean well, but even though you lived there, it’s time to enter the world of reality and stop making up excuses. Unfortunately, that’s what far too many of the residents of “Thugland” have been doing for far too long and the results have been disastrous. That’s no one’s fault but their own.

Thought I’d (for the most part) respectfully reply to a couple of your points:

- The comment about Obama’s sons was totally stupid and inflammatory. You are 100% right.
- “inference of racially based commentary doesn't solve the issue” ….. True, but it just can’t be ignored. The elephant in the room is still the elephant in the room.
- “assumption that the people who live there support thug culture is just plain ridiculous” ….. By doing nothing to change it, the community is tacitly, I’ll say it again, tacitly, supporting thug culture.
- “Most of these folks are in a constant state of fear” ….. We all are in those neighborhoods but the residents of those neighborhoods live there and it’s up to them to take them back.
- “The reluctance to speak with the police is driven by the threat of retribution from the "thugs" …..In today’s high-tech world there really are ways to contribute to fighting lawlessness while still remaining nominally anonymous. The alternative is to just let thugs rule the neighborhood. That goes nowhere.
- “It's very sad that a country which often describes itself as a base of "Christianity" maintains a population which hates itself” ….. We don’t maintain that. It’s perpetuated by the very same community that is the problem.
- “it has taken an economic disaster to re-appoint the blame” ….. (No respect here) It’s totally mindless to blame poverty for a complete communal lack of morality. That is just a giant stinking heap of steaming male bovine waste!
- “As usual the weakest people are always to blame from the weakest minds which feel themselves threatened” ….. Half right. The weakest people who won’t do anything to change their own community. That’s because they can’t find the courage within themselves to act appropriately, so that’s correct. As to the rest of us being the weakest minds: If that were really the case, crime would be up in neighborhoods other than in “Thugville”, and it’s not.
- It's abject spiritual sickness driven by ignorance“….. (Again, no respect here) Another compete load of steaming male bovine waste! It’s an abject spiritual and moral weakness driven by the perpetuation of the myth that someone else should always fix your problems for you. That will never, ever work!
- “Get off of the color bandwagon and join the human race” ….. Excellent point, but probably not as you intended. Stop playing the victim race card and start playing the reality card. If you don’t, nothing in this regard will ever change. It’ll just get worse; really worse.


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