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Fear of Thugs, Fear of their own Shadow

People need some real leadership in these neighborhoods. Grow a backbone!

Oh we don't want to look like George Zimmerman, were afraid of the Thugs.

We want the police to do the job but not to harshly.

I'm afraid to call the Police too much and look like George Zimmerman.

It ain't cool to snitch.....

What a bunch of weak-minded people we have become in the US...where we have the most rights and freedom and we take it all for granted.

You may not like the police but regardless I bet you they are 10 times better than the Gangs and Thugs selling drugs, robbing, killing, raping. They are terrorists and you allow them in your neighborhoods.

I say organize, not as vigilantes but as assertive and organized neighborhood watches that not only snitch but rid their neighborhoods of this evil.

My gosh do you all read the news people are dieing in Syria, Egypt all over daily into the thousands...dieing fighting for their freedom from brutal oppression. Women and children killed daily by real thugs not wannabes and your gonna allow wannabe thugs push you around and intimidate you.

The police is not your enemy. The enemy is in your neighborhood PUNKS

While your crying about fear poor people are dieing standing up to Real Brutal Lawless Armies.

I've lived overseas and I know the criminal gangs there make ours look like YUPPY's dressed up in Hell's Angels costumes. Kids carrying AK-47's roaming the Real Slums. They attack police stations and the Police attack them as well. Prisons that would make ours look like country clubs. Criminal networks that could lock down one the biggest cities in the world Sao Paulo Brazil with literally hundreds of police executed.

Slums (favelas) in Rio and Sao Paulo are virtual war zones with machine gun fire between the police and rival gangs a regular occurence. The death rates there many times surpass the death rates in war zones in the Middle East.

Our poorest people here in Wilmington would be considered well off compared to the dirt poor in the favelas and junkyards

In this country in this city with our resources if you choose to live in a high crime area and scared (or lazy) to do something about it you will be run over.

Your not in a third world or developing country and not in a war torn country. It's not a big city. Come on you have more advantages in ridding your neighborhoods from these criminals than you think.

They're Punks. They wouldn't survive a day or an hour with a real gang overseas.

You keep letting them run over your neighborhoods they will get stronger. The Mexican Cartels are expanding and believe it or not they are quietly in this area and they will turns these wannabes into distributors and give them training and resources like they have done elsewhere. This stuff is documented. Read up on it.

If not the Cartels another brutal foreign based gang MS13 who are all over the country and throughout North Carolina. be continued........................


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