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speeding ticket

My Dad had an increase in his auto insurance last year. The bill stated it was because of a ticket he received in Maryland the year before. He has never been to Maryland and it was not his ticket even though the d/l number was his. After some research it turned out to be a man in Carolina beach. They had the mans correct name and address but had inverted the d/l #s so it came out as my Dad's number. What gets me is the name, address, age, birth date were all NOT my dads but they only went by the d/l#. That is about as stupid as it gets on the DMV's part. It was taken care of after my Dad had to dig up the guys ticket and prove it was not him. WHY is it the drivers responsibility to fix the DMV's or cops mistakes?? How can a cop just take someones word that they are who they say they are? That has got to be illegal.


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