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so use your Ballot to correct the issue

If this is such a big issue; then use your ballot and vote the incumbents, standing for re-election, out of office. That's both the School Board members and the County Commissioners. There was a whole lot of griping a few months ago over the contract buy-out of the former School Board head. Use Your Vote; replace the members who are not performing effectively or meeting voter expectations. But one must wonder, how many of those who have posted comments against the school delay will actually vote and show the strength of their convictions? Polls are open until 7 or so in the evening. But then, another question which has not been raised. What happens if you show up to vote after the students are in class? Will the school administrators deny the right to access the polling place in pursuit of student safety? There's a question no one has asked. And if they do that, watch the election results get challenged.


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