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The replies to your post say

The replies to your post say it all. I'm truly sorry for those southerners who get looked down upon as "rednecks" because of people like those who replied, people that are no better than the vandals that defaced this property. The wish (of the racist morons)is they could say the same to each and every person who ISN'T white and doesn't have a birth certificate that says they were born south of the Mason/Dixon: "go back there".
Hey "redneck", if you can't tolerate humanity, why don't YOU go back to where your ancestors came from? See, no different than the most of us here in the good ole US of A....YOUR ANCESTORS AREN'T FROM HERE!
Don't like the fact the south is behind? Then catch up to the rest of the country and rid your tiny brains of the antiquated thought process that doesn't allow you to catch up.
Tired of being called "dumb rednecks"? Easy way out of that: don't act like one.
Remedy's: here's to your success.


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