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Man scares off two coyotes, protects dog from attack


BLADEN COUNTY (WWAY) -- A daring decision to scare off an animal may have saved a dog’s life.

Early this morning a Bladen county man found himself face to face with two coyotes that were ready to pounce on his pooch.

"I thought they were dogs at first, but I got a good look at them. They were coyotes, and they were huge, and they were coming down the road towards my dog,” Gary Roberts said.

Roberts said the coyotes dropped their heads as if they were ready to attack.

So, he ran toward the front of his home and started yelling at them.

"I started hollering, and my dog didn't see him until they were almost on him, and he saw them and started running,” Roberts explained.

He says one coyote backed down, but the other was hungry for blood.

"The other one started chasing my dog into the yard, and my dog came by me, and the coyotes started still running toward me, and he got within about ten feet of me,” Roberts said.

But Roberts said he stood his ground and kept yelling at the coyote, which finally decided to run away.

Roberts says in his 63 years of living in this area, he has never seen anything quite like this.

"I've never felt threatened like that before by any kind of animal,” he said.

He says the whole ordeal has him and his four-year-old dog, Otto scared for their lives.

"We were both shaken for a while after it happened because we're not used to having any kind of animal like that coming into the yard in attack mode,” Roberts said.

Now he is determined to make others aware of the problem.

"We're trying to protect our pets, and I encourage anybody else if they go outside, if they've got a pet to keep their pet close by, and keep an eye on their pet,” he said.

Roberts says he also worries about young children playing outside. He says if the coyote was brave enough to come within ten feet of him, he worries what the animal might do in different circumstances.

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