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What that means is that our legislature is so regressive that anything they do would not surprise me.
How about drug testing anyone that gets Medicare, that's a state and federal program. Or drug testing to get a driver's license, that's a privilege, not a right.
What's the matter with requiring employers to check out their employees earlier to make sure they aren't illegal. Is it going to cost their buddies a little more money? I thought this legislature was for immigration control. That is one of the things they campaigned on and I guess this is their version of it. What it is doing is taking jobs from the people of NC and giving them to illegals.
Leave it to the tea-baggering republicans to do one thing and say another.
Plus, our new governor has trouble with the truth with just one example the two 24 year olds he just gave $85,000 a year jobs to and said a lot of other people applied and in truth the jobs were never posted.
That's what I mean when I say I wouldn't be surprised if they brought slavery back. There's no telling what they will do.


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