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The unfortunate thing is that it's "urban legend" regarding our preconceived notions about who is on welfare and who's not.
There were an awful lot of older American workers who got welfare after getting laid off in 2007/2008. The majority of welfare recipients are NOT younger drug addicted people squiritng out kid after kid to keep their benny's but believe what yo want because we tend to do that anyway. Drug testing in the states that have tried it are proving this notion false.
But think for a minute. If you are 50 something or 60 something and got laid off - the typical middle class American - is it wrong for them to collect benny's from the system they've paid into all these years?
Do you call THAT slavery or a deserved benefit?
It's real nice to think inside our little box - that all welfare people are drug addicted minorities who are uneducated and grabbing for all the benny's they can get - but unfortunately facts prove us wrong,again, and again. There are some that do exactly what we think ALL of them do, but we also instinctively know that a lot of older Americans got shafted in the recession after PAYING for the system for all those hard working years.
Perhaps we should make it a policy to require proof of VOTING to get benny's along with drug testing - after all - you are taking from the system, so you should partake in the election of that system.
And we ALL know how they'd vote, don't we.



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