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Hey DT girl -

Because you called out my "sub-par" comment, I'd like to correct your impression that I'm a "hater", and perhaps inform you that others here might indeed know well that REAL produce doesn't look picture perfect. I don't shop at Walmart, Harris-Teeter, Whole Foods, Fresh Market, or Trader Joes unless there is something specific I need that only they carry. 80% of what I eat is sourced locally, from small producers, and it would have been great if Carolina Farming had even come close to what I am used to eating, and indeed supported area producers. What I, and apparently most others found at Carolina Farming was disappointing, and I believe its' closing illustrates the point well enough.

I would agree with you on the one point that the people who worked there were in my experience friendly and helpful, I just wish they had had more to work with.


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