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That was a horrible event, not an accident at all.

As I remember, there were tropical storm advisories due to an approaching storm that day. I remember that day being cloudy, with rough seas and blustery atmospheric conditions. I have not been able to see the USCG findings of the captain and mate on trial for that incident, but it can't be good. Nobody with any common sense and any maritime knowledge, much less a USCG licensed captain would ever take passengers on a recreational parasail activity in those conditions! This was a complete travesty and a prime example of fully inappropriate use of good seamanship, prudent judgment and the ability of this "captain" to put his passengers and crew as his number one priority. He failed big time!

Bart, I am so sorry for your loss and can't imagine the pain you endure over such senseless and unnecessary judgment of that vessel captain and the company that offered the service. This was NOT an accident! This was ignorance, stupidity and neglect, all in one statement. This was easily preventable. I encourage you to pursue this to the very end! This isn't about money, it's about total negligence. Query the USCG on the captains quals, find his qualifying credentials, find the USCG final decision and most of all, do all you can to put that business owner out for good! I'm sure he's still operating under a different name. Probably still has the same insurance company so he can "comply" and get a good rate. A total, greedy slime-bag!


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