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Silly responses

Anyone who believes that people's beliefs do not intermingle with their actions or jobs, ESPECIALLY as politicians.. and therefore tells the politician they shouldn't exercise their own freedom of speech, ESPECIALLY when it's about their own belief systems... y'all are crazy!

If you're atheist, let me hear about it! If you're Buddhist, let me hear about it. It's America, you don't have to be ashamed of what you believe in, and people shouldn't say, "I'm not going to vote because he told me what he believes in." Bull-malarkey. If that's what drives a common vote, then THAT'S what's wrong with the country. Mormon, Scientologist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim... what is it? What do you believe? Calvinist, Baptist, Catholic? I want to know.

If you don't want to say, then that is ok too! But why? Because you want more votes? Looks like we have morons that will vote based on how "quiet" you are. Not me! If it's on your heart to say, then say it! Speak politicians, speak what's on your mind, as I for one am tired of the dirty laundry and the disappointments of the piles and piles of politicians that are constantly being uncovered on the news. Your dirty little secrets, America's biggest disappointments. Speak if you think religion is rubbish, say it on TV! Speak if Christianity is dear to your heart, say it loud and clear. It's time I heard more STRAIGHT from a politician without media filters and interpretations. If you don't know what you believe... if you're agnostic... that would be great to hear! If you believe religion has no effect or bearing on you. I'd like to hear that too.

I want to know what a person believes in before I vote on him or her. Bring it on! All politicians, I invoke you to exercise your freedom and speak freely! Let people scream "shut up!" loud and clear, but if I am going to vote for YOU, I want confidence... and true knowledge of what it is to exercise your freedom of speech. Do the daring thing... and exercise it. You'd be amazed at the enemies, but you would have done this country some good.

Oh... and for once. Tell the truth.


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