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Park(ing) Day ... An embarassingly hokey non-event

It just doesn't get any more hokey than this; a couple of parking spots with some cheap AstroTurf, some small potted plants with a couple of plastic flowers, a few crummy plastic chairs and a plethora of signs saying we "want" this and we "want" that.

"This is what the people want," supporter Michelle Howe said. By people did she mean both of them? "They want a place to go downtown." Uh, Michelle .... You do realize that Riverwalk is right around the corner, don't you?

""She loves the grass," Emmaline Hardy said of her dog. "She wants to be out in the trees and nature. It is a better doggy atmosphere." Wow, Emiline must be a doggy psychic. Yo, Emiline, put the pooch in the car and drive about 10 minutes to a park. Duh! Skip the "woof" and go directly to "barf".

What's even more amazing is that WWAY covers this stuff as if it's an actual event. What's next, the Annual Brush Your Teeth Outdoors "event"?


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