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Sorry about any spelling or grammar errors, I'm on a mobile and can't realeewriteSynthetic drugs aren't made they are synthesized. this has nothing to do with methamphetamine . And crystal meth is just another name. 25i, 2-CI and other drugs are usually synthesized by chemistry students at colleges. Don't screw around withhese things. they are being sold locally as LSD to misinformed teens and residents. its totally not even worth messing with. if you wanna trip out get some shrooms or smoke some pot, at least they won't kill you or harm you mentally/physically. Everyone reacts differently to synthetic drugs, meaning that one. person maybe able to takee three tinmes as much as the next without any negative side affects but there is NO way to accurately determine how much of these drugs to take. Coming from someone who has done these drugs, I would NOT recommend it. and I can't believe how much risk I toom with them.


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