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Guest 10101 is un cultured and needs a history re-boot

Music has been part of military service for as long as we have had military service. Especially since WWI! Military commanders understood the needs for music groups in support of troops and as outreach to the citizens of the US. This is not frivolous!! What IS frivolous are small minds like yours who likely believe the military serves one purpose, and one purpose only. That kind if thinking comes from our culture believing that music only entertains; we have forgotten that it is one of the highest forms of art the truly reflects society. And, to be fair, there are NO community ensembles that play at such a professional level that can act as role models for our younger citizens. These people are dedicated, quality role models, that would be a welcome breath of air to many parents looking for such quality people. So lighten up "guest"! Bring on the music!!


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