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I agree with the last

I agree with the last statement in the story......

"in Jersey City; they got rival gangs together in a forum to have them work out their differences.

He says this significantly reduced violence in the area and helped residents feel safe once again"

I say, stop giving money to unwed mothers, in Creekwood, to make more babies. We just spent over $40 million dollars in it. No police program will solve the problem. A problem we are financing. And every child deserves a father. Why are we paying people, not to have fathers.

Let the freeloaders, and gang-bangers, move back to wonderful, crime-free, New Jersey, where all these "great programs" work. And let's make couples responsible, before they get pregnant. Lets hold the mother's feet to the fire, and make them raise their children, in a responsible manner. And not rely on welfare.

It's a Triple-Win situation. Taxpayers spend less. Crime goes down. But, most important, CHILDREN are raised properly, by two working, responsible, parents.


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