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Like anything else

Yeah the gun buy back hasn't worked and no one with half a brain expected it to work.
Nor did the cease fire work and may of us laughed at that exercise.
Now we have many saying just give them all guns and let them shoot at each other.
Think about the stories we've seen lately. Sure thugs get guns (mostly illegally). Do you REALLY think they know how to use one? I mean how many shots were fired in this story? 10? 15? And all we have are two people slightly injured?
What ever happened to practice? To accuracy?
C'mon all you thugs, all you gang members - get real - put in some practice time. Use your weapon the right way. Hit what you aim at !!!!!
If you hit what you aim at I'm sure that over time gun violence will decrease as you knock each other off.
Just stop wasting ammo...........



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