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Insurance should not be

So you don't think insurance should have to pay? Hmmm, let's look at a few scenarios here.

You hire a contractor to do some repair work on your home. He happened to throw a cigarette into your yard. It was not properly extinguished. A fire starts and spreads to your home. It is severely damaged. I bet you expect YOUR insurance to pay for the damage.

Your teenager was driving your car. He's talking on this cell phone, not paying attention. He ran a red light and hits several other cars. People are seriously damaged. Should those people not be covered by insurance because your son was careless?

I mean really what rock did you crawl out from under? People purchase insurance for a reason. I would bet you have insurance yourself. Well don't you dare use it, just keep paying for it. Unless of course you get sick, injured or whatever else due to no carelessness of your own.

How about showing some compassion for the people who now have no place to work, have no income and who lost everything. How about showing compassion for the owner of the building who now has the task of rebuilding so that he too can have a livelihood. He certainly didn't do anything wrong.

I'm appalled that someone would even begin to post a comment like you did. How about instead of posting such comments you offer to lend a hand to help those affected. A much better use of your time.


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