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You got what you voted for

SOCIALISM ! You can expect these furloughs to continue each fiscal year as the federal government approaches the financial abyss. As you hold up your signs , acknowledge the citizens that drive by , who work in the private sector , that pay your salary. The House Republicans are standing up primarily due to the worst piece of legislation in American history. it is called Obamacare for the low information citizens. It will break the backs of the private sector and further jeopardize your government jobs. There are more people taking money out of the pot than are putting in. The political class in DC , Democrats and many rhino Republicans , do not care about you. You are just pawns in the game. Everything on the political spectrum has shifted to the left. The Republicans are the New Democrats and the Democrats are the new Socialist. The sheep that follow the Democrats are literally running with Devil. They will betray you . Real American leadership is hard to find with the exception of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Individuals who are being isolated by their own Republican Party because they speak the truth and upset the social design the political (ruling) class has for the masses. You can not see the big picture because you have been distracted by pop culture and indoctrinated by the mainstream media.


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