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You really cannot be serious, can you?
Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are both standing in the way of a LAW that was passed in 2009 and upheld by the Supreme Court with the swing vote being a Bush lite appointee.
You are spouting trash that you have seen on Fox(news?) and heard your idol Rush say. The Democrats are still Democrats and the republicans are turning into the John Birch Society with all the tea-baggers running the party. I hope they keep it up.
The private sector has done nothing but take profits in the stock market and create McJobs that are habitually low paying with very little chance for advancement. We have kept the taxes for corporations low and kept in place the Bush Tax Cuts for the Wealthy.
So, my question for you is: What has a rich person done for you today?
They, and their mouthpieces have shut down the government including the CDC, all the National Parks, kept 800,000 from earning a paycheck from the government, and disrupted the lives of every American in some way or another.
Tou think these people are the answer?


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