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What Right

I am in a very good position in life. Army vet, started priming tobacco when I was 13 years old, went to ECU and paid for it w/o gov't loans or grants, and have had good jobs that I worked for all my life. I still think that a lot of people less fortunate than me or my friends need some help. Middle class people bearing the brunt of the tax burden while "rich" people pay less tax than they should just doesn't seem fair to me.
I guess we have the best politicians money can buy that will make laws that benefit the ones that don't need it instead of ones that do. The rich get richer,etc..
You are right, slavery and prohibition were laws were passed and then overturned at a later date, but, they did it by enacting new laws. The republicans don't have the votes to do that so they want to act like Opie on the Andy Griffith show and pout because he didn't win a medal. It's like they don't realize that is what makes a democracy, sometimes your side wins and sometimes the other does.
So, all you can do is parse one word in all that I wrote and think what a brilliant person you are.
The republicans had 4 years to make overtures about changes to the Affordable Care Act and all they did was vote 43 times THis ear to overturn it.
They are poor losers that act like spoiled brats at the expense of the American people.


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