Submitted by WWAY on Fri, 11/02/2007 - 4:24pm.

There is another recall of tainted products to report. This time it's not toys. It's frozen pizza that could be contaminated with dangerous e-coli bacteria. Five million frozen pizzas have been pulled from store shelves. But check your freezer at home, because tens of millions more of the now-recalled Totino's and Jeno's pizzas have already been sold. The trouble started in Tennessee, where eight people were sickened by e-coli starting back in July. The most recent illness was reported early last month. Now, there are at least 21 victims in 10 states, all with the same strain of e-coli. Nearly half of them report eating the now-recalled pizzas. The CDC says eight of the victims have been hospitalized, and four have developed a type of kidney failure. The common link: pepperoni. Though tests still haven't confirmed the pepperoni is tainted. General Mills says it found no e-coli in its plant, or in its product, but issued the recall in the interest of consumer safety. One thing is baffling to health officials: if the pizzas were properly cooked, the e-coli should have been killed. Since people started getting sick 120 million of the now-recalled pizzas have been produced. The company says if you have one, just throw it away.

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