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I don't understand

Coming from a family with the mixture of white/latin. I dont' understand the selfish nonunderstanding people who live in the united states. No, it is very true that many of them here are illegal & some do abuse the system and things here offerd in the united states, but let me make it clear that NOT all are like that. But yet they are all put in the same boat, and are all pointed out for the same thing. It's not only hispanics who drink, drive, no insurance, no medical coverage, and abuse the system.. Look at the americans who do the same thing. It's not a matter of them being hispanic as, it's the matter that people look on them because they were not born here and tax payers feel like they support them. This is also very misunderstood you pay your money on more than just a imigrant, but it's never a subject shouted out, unlike RACIAL issues. Last but not least let me say that if half of the american people would be family people and would do the work that us AMERICAN people have these hispanics doing then we would be better people. You would never see a american person doing what a hispanice does. And let me not forget, when a american person has that hispanic working do you honestly think they don't know that they are ILLEGAL and have no ss#? but any amount of money you can stick in your pocket ILLEGALLY is better on you. So you tell me why hispanics are looked down on so hard?


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