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Reflect: to you all

Nobody on this planet is perfect, so who are we to judge? Who are you to point fingers and basically wish death upon anybody? I can understand if some of you have animosity towards Nick, but c'mon! We are all human... and that man that you all are talking about is my best friend and my brother, and it surely hurts me to read all these hatred comments about him. Do you really not have anything better to do than to be on this site making yourself sound more ignorant than you do in person? Do something with your life! This should be a lesson for us all, youth and young adults. My relationship with Nick is between me and him, and I know that he is a good man, a wonderful brother, and will be a wonderful father... we all make mistakes in life and all we can do (those who are in support) is pray for him and the family... Just think: What if it were you behind those bars, knowing that you were an innocent man/ woman? What would you do? How would you feel? Look at yourself and your life situations before you jump into someone else's problems. You aren't one bit perfect; worry about your life and mind your business, Thank you.


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