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Same old story, same old predictable comments

Every time something like this happens, the responses are so predictable.

1. Don't be judging my cuz...he be is a good boy.
2. This is the NAACP's fault!
3. This is the fault of hip-hop culture!
4. The black community needs to step up!
5. Where is Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson?
6. He's a victim of racism!

...and so on. It is sad after murder after murder, death after death, nothing has changed despite the fact that there are a number of solutions to this entrenched problem. Instead of trying to solve these issues though, we devolve into a cycle of mutual recrimination and racial tension. There will need to be a concerted effort between the police and the residents of Creekwood (the ones that obey the law) to put an end to the violence. Or, as I've said previously, raze the entire neighborhood and create a new neighborhood like they did with Jervay and Isabel Holmes. Honestly, if you just look at the place, the very architecture and road-set up is conducive to crime.


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