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Man Pleads Guilty to sex crimes involiving a disabled minor

First and foremost as the mother of the victim I want to thank all of you who were outraged at the sentencing of Mr. Victor Saravia Vasquez. I also want to clear up some misconceptions that were made because the whole story was not released. First of all Mr. Vasquez is not from Mexico and was here on a permanent green card for over 10 years. He did work and he paid taxes like any other citizen. He was with our family for 5 years and actually helped with the care of the children. At no time did we have any hint of what he was doing until my son was asked during some testing, had anything had ever occurred with anyone.

The only reason Mr. Vasquez shared a room with my son was because my son requires 24 hour supervision when on home visits. As he became a teen it did not seam appropriate for me as his mother to stay in the same room as her pubescent son. There was no reason to think that someone who had act as a mentor and father would suddenly turn predator.

Regardless of what you think of me as a mother there is nothing anyone can say or do to me that is worse than what I have thought about myself. I am an educated professional woman who if you knew me would know that I would and have done anything and everything to keep my children safe. At what point do you decide you no longer trust someone and they turn to a pervert? I believe in the good of people with no evidence to the contrary. Has your child ever slept over at a friends house that you have know the parents less than 5 years? Or what about a week at summer camp? It is no different. Just hold your children tight and pray that when you talk to them about good touch and bad touch that they understand BAD touch is BAD no mater who is doing it to them, child or adult.

What really should be the issue here is how short the sentence is Mr. Vasquez received. Worse yet the judge is not in the position to have him deported. Mr. Vasquez has been in Pender county jail for 14 months. That means he has only 15 months more to serve! He could have received 10 years for this plea which would have been significantly less time than one single incident if we had pushed forward and gone to trial. It was in the best interest of my son and our family for this to be over and for my son not to testify. The judge and court system gave Mr. Vasquez a slap on the wrist. If you want to do anything to legally deport Victor Saravia Vasquez from this country write to your Senators, Congressman or the INS. Please help me make sure that INS is waiting to deport Mr. Vasquez back to Guatemala, never to return as soon as he steps out of jail.

I sincerely pray that none of you or your friends ever have to live through the nightmare that my family has gone though over the last 14 months. This will go with my family and I for life...pray for us as well.


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