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Sesame street smarts more like it

Hey SS I know we are not all teen age mutant ninja turtles like you but what if the guy with the bat is faster on foot than you and cracks you in the back of the head as you are running away? Not everyone has had practice running away from any conflict maybe you could give us some pointers.
I do not know which streets made you smart,but your assumption that you can protect yourself from any assailant is fantasy so that is why I say sesame street smarts is more like it. and as far as hammers go Maxwell's silver hammer scares the hell out of me. And more people are killed with cars than anything else. Ever see what a sixteen inch screwdriver can do pretty scary oops! never mind you would have run away

Go live in some of the third world countries I have lived in and you would cherish the right to pack a gun.


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