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Does this mean I dont have

Does this mean I dont have to pay Federal taxes while government is shut down. I worked on state and federal jobs for a long time. If the average citizen found out how much tax money is wasted everyday on every job the public would be outraged. Thousands of dollars a day wasted on EACH JOB everyday!!! State spends federal money just so they dont have to give it back even if they dont need it. That way they get more the next year!!!! You would be even more P*ssed if you knew how much was put into politicians pockets and corporate kickbacks. You hard earned tax dollars Lining some tuxedos pockets. That is where funds are being wasted!! Not by helping the low income families that are responsible for the majority of tax revenue!!!! If a politician is making $30,000 a month like th former WHA CEO. If the average family pays $1,000 a month in taxes thats 30 families paying one mans salary. We earn that money they do not. Firefighters are forced second jobs why can't politcians earn there bread???


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