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This is getting ridiculous.

This is getting ridiculous. I am FAR from prejudice, as I have a black boyfriend, but DAMN!! Every time a young person gets in trouble and takes an innocent life, people are quick to say "It wuznt my cuz! Yo, you people don't no my fam." Wake up people...when an innocent life is taken people should pay for the crime. I know the family of the young man arrested last week for the killing in Garden Lakes and it is what it is. People that know the family know that the young man was not raised in an environment like that and know that his parents are wonderful people. The kid got caught up with the wrong crowd and it caught up with him. If he is innocent, why is he still being held? If he was not the trigger man, what happened...was he just holding the gun while his hommie pulled the trigger? It is time to stop the dumb shit and face the facts. People cry and complain because the cops call for backup when an officer is shot, but then they would cry prejudice if no one wants to show up to a 911 call in Creekwood because of all of the known gang activity and violence. Young kids these days have no value or respect for ANYTHING, even a human life. You wanna call yourself a man? Then keep your sorry butt at home and take care of your responsibilities. A real man would not break into another man's home, a man that has suffered a stroke at that, struggle with him, shoot him, and take HIS money. Maybe when people start to look up to God for help, spend a little more time on their knees, and can finally be MAN or WOMAN enough to take responsibility for the crimes that they commit, we will see some positive changes. Law enforcement has grown by leaps and bounds and detectives are not going to risk their jobs or lawsuits for falsely accusing someone of a first-degree murder charge. A persons past can haunt them for a long time and that is just a result of decisions that people make in life. It is time to face the truth, accept responsibility for things that we do, stop with all the denial, and use some of the negative energy to make a positive change.


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