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BE A PARENT!!! TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME AND YOUR CHILDREN!!!! YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEM UNTIL THE ARE 18 YRS OLD. STOP BEING A FRIEND AND A LANDLORD!! STOP BEING A FRIEND meaning RAISE YOUR CHILDREN TO ACHIEVE AND EXCEL IN LIFE. RAISE THEM WITH MORALS AND VALUES. EXPOSE THEM TO POSITIVE THINGS IN LIFE. Carry them camping, to the library, museums,parks, plays, listen to classical music and spend SOMETIME with them. Instead of spending $100's of dollars on sneakers, name brand clothing and trying to give them all the material things. Buy them a book. Challenge their minds. Landlord meaning STOP TAKING THAT MESS and MONEY that they bring in your house. You know dog on well that they dont have a legal job. Stop the FOOLISHNESS and STOP BLAMING OTHERS.START BY LOOKING IN THE MIRROR. And if your child is out there doing that foolishness, TURN THEM IN!!! You'd rather have them in JAIL than BURY THEM. IF YOU KNOW THAT YOUR CHILD IS DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL TURN THEM IN!!! BECAUSE THESE YOUNG PEOPLE DO NOT VALUE THEIR LIVES NOR YOURS. STOP TAKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM AND WORKING ON A SOLUTION BEFORE YOU BE ON TV HOLLERING AND CRYING BECAUSE MY CHILD WAS A GOOD CHILD. SOLUTION. Start evicting the problem people OUT.. Start doing a monthly checks in every house- open closet doors, make sure that every tenant is on the list. You SORRY BEHIND GIRLS( no matter the age) ALLOWING THESE SORRY MEN to LIVE WITH YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. What example are you setting for your children when the boys NOT MEN come and go out your door NOT WORKING a JOB WHERE THEY VALUE THEIR FREEDOM NOR SOMEWHERE THAT TAXES ARE TAKEN OUT OF THEIR CHECK. IF you are allowing your children or boyfriends, or whatever you want to call them to live with you and your children or (Mom) allowing your children to live in your house with the FOOLISHNESS then I HAVE ONE PIECE OF ADVICE FOR YOU.. PLEASE HAVE A BLACK DRESS AND AN INSURANCE POLICY, so that you wont have to have a loan nor beg people to pay for the funeral. TAKE back your HOME!!! TAKE BACK YOUR FAMILY!! TAKE CONTROL!!!!


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