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Really Now??!! you want the rest of the story, well here ya go!

You think there's more to the story huh? Get a grip and a life, not all people accidentally shot are doing something wrong! There is a such thing as being a good friend and being at the wrong place at the wrong time. You people and your theories, not sure why you think you know so much but the only thing your showing with a comment like that is your ignorance and that your cold hearted person, leaving something like that for his family to read. LEE WAS A WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN!!!!! There that's the rest of the story for you, if you don't feel stupid well then again your showing how ignorant you are. A beautiful person was selfishly taken and all your mouthing about is the rest of the story. . .he was taken from us needlessly, END O ass aF THE STORY!!!!! Get a life and think about his poor torturer family, your a narrow minded individual!!!!! Not sure if you have heard of karma but you may need to look into it before it slaps you in the back of the head, bbecause I am quite sure you have at least one person you care about take a moment and think how you would feel if this were them. And another note if it were about drugs do you think he it anyone else for that matter deserved to be killed but once again prime example of your ignorance just falling out of your mouth. Please learn some compassion otherwise your gonna deal with some major fall out, remember KARMA is your word for the day, learn it cause I have a feeling your gonna get a healthy dose of it real soon talking like that and to be honest I can't wait!!!!! Mrs. Rene and Scott and Mrs. Sudie, I'm so sorry you have to deal with your pain and ignorant people like this, so sorry we live in such a cruel works with such heartless people, my prayers are with your all.


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