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Columbus Residint, As I read

Columbus Residint, As I read your comments, I can't help but think how ignorant you are to judge. I have been to this piece of property before and stopped by to speak because I have known this family for 40 years back as far as the deceased father. I have three college degrees, never been involved in drugs, no criminal record, hold a full time public job of 18 years and been involved in church all of my life. Does this mean that I am a crack head, pill head, pot head, gangsta wannabe, thug, thief, trailer trash, RC Soles disciple, etc. To make my point, I stop by and see many of the people that I grew up with in school and I know that many of them are living on the edge and are really a cancer on society. Numerous ones have now lower their class to trashiness and thug life, but should I not stop by and speak or give them deer meat from time to time or a mess of fish like I occasionally do? I do this with love with an attempt to influence them hopefully to the right paths. Does it always work? No. But on the other hand, I would rather be a good friend than to turn my back on them and act like I am better than they are. I have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I guess if I would have been shot in a robbery at one of these locations, you would have classified me as a low life piece of trash. God help you is all I can say. Hope it never rains on your parade.


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