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He wasnt doing anything illegal

He was repo'ing the truck the apparent nutjob wasnt paying for. Ya know that happenes when you dont pay for stuff you promise to pay and its secured by collateral they come and take it back otherwise the loan would be impossible to collect.. DOH.. The Repo guy had legal papers for the truck and therefore under NC law he had the right to come onto said property to recover the property of the bank/loan institution which was the truck that secured the loan the deadbeat didnt pay for.. You buy stuff and dont pay for it you lose it period!!! Thats the law!. The idiot should be charged with attempted murder is what he should be charged with.

As for your comment about repo men. Let me say this.. I got a car repo'd in 2003 was I pissed sure but I was made at my own situation too the guy was just doing his job. I guess you feel the same way about bounty hunters who hunt down criminals who are out on bail and dont show up to court too huh??? Afterall its the same principle secured loan by promise to appear, bonding company puts up the money you cant afford to so you can get out of jail. You fail to comply or dont show up theyre gonna come repo your rearend and put ya back in jail..


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