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shooting a o tow truck driver !!!

so let me get this right ,, this guy,James Lee Spivey, 39, of Ash couldn't pay the payments for his car right ,, then the back's call on Rosak Tow and Recovery to ropo the car do to lack of payment i'm sure it was over 3 payments that he didn't pay,,so now this guy gary smith is just a worker who i trying to make a living and to work to pay him own bills too, so they send him over there to get ail the car and this guy shoots at him,, and could of killed this other guy [ gary smith ] and yet he is walking the streets again,, the bail was over $$ 67,000 and he had the money to come up with that but not a car payment ,, and all this could of been avoided in the fist place if he payed his car ,, i hope this guy gary smith sue's the heck out of him for damages and mental stability to work for the fair of being shot at !!! there should me a law to protect tow truck drivers !!!!


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