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Money will not solve this problem!

What is happening in Creekwood and other black neighborhoods in Wilmington (and now spilling into white neighborhoods)will not be helped one bit by more money. This is a moral and spiritual problem, not a financial one. Total dependency on welfare, no work ethic, no morals with illegitimacy at the highest levels in history, no responsibility, no family values, no respect for property rights, no respect for persons, and so forth. This is the result of 50 years of liberal Democrat welfare politics. More money, you say? That would be pouring just more fuel on the fire. Why the hard working, taxpaying citizens of Wilmington don't revolt against the local Democrat cartel and Obama is beyond me. Unless you do, build a wall around your house,top it off with barbed wire, arm yourself and prepare to live in a Third World country. That's where you're headed.


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