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Simple idea to fix the gang/crime problem...

Here's an idea! Make the county jail a JAIL not a country club!!! Our county jail is downright a pleasant place to stay! Hear me out...
These inmates get 4 hours outside their cell per day to play basketball, board games and watch cable tv with their best buddies all at taxpayers expense. Cut back on the cable, make THEM pay for the games, basketballs, books, etc. that get torn up, flushed, and otherwise destroyed because inmates don't pay for them. Inmates get free if next to nothing healthcare. Do you, the taxpayer have that luxury? Inmates do!! Why would they pay if they can go to jail and get it free! Inmates get 3 meals a day...cut back on quality while still meeting nutritional minimums.
Heck!! They even have a laundry service and get fresh clothes washed and delivered to them!
Inmates in that jail are treated like hotel guests! IT'S NOT AN UNPLEASANT PLACE!! Make the jail a JAIL and this will help discourage crime!!! Really, go take a tour of the jail and see for yourself!! This will also save taxpayer dollars that could be otherwise much better spent!


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